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We searched the market for the best quality hair, and created the wigs in-house to offer you the best price.

Today, we offer you The Hustle Wig, the experience every wig-wearing woman deserves.  

We are Rivky and Gitty, both artists at heart.

From a young age, Rivky knew she was headed for a career in the hair industry. Combining her love for being creative with a desire to help people feel good and look good led to her licensure in cosmetology. As a licensed cosmetologist, she has been executing her clients' visions for their dream looks every day with all things hair.

After exploring many avenues

Gitty discovered her love for sewing. Within a few years of hard work, she sewed her own gown, and then branched out to offer her services to others. After running an alteration business for a few years, she fell in love with guiding a client to bring their vision to life.

When Gitty got married

and began wearing a wig for the first time she discovered how challenging it was to wear an expensive, luxury wig in the hot sun or on the go. The available hatfalls on the market were far out of her budget. Talking to friends and family led her to discover many shared the same challenge. But she knew there was another solution.

Together, Rivky and Gitty, long-time friends, combine their skills to deliver a quality product at the lowest price on the market, and both share an inherent goal to make every client feel beautiful while retaining the highest level of comfort. 

And that’s where you become a part of our story.