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Wig Care Guidelines

You have come to the right place for all the info on caring for your Hustle Wig. Proper wig maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and appearance. Follow these steps to keep your wig in tip-top condition:

How to care for your wig: Wig Do's

Note: During the first few wears you may notice some hair shedding. This is because during the sewing process, the wefts are cut to size and some loose hairs will hang on even after our initial washing. As you wash and wear your wig, this shedding will cease.

1) Store your Hustle Wig on a wig head.

This will help prevent the wig from getting stretched out. This is especially important when air drying the wig.

2) Detangle the nape of the wig after every wear with a wig brush.

This area is most prone to tangling.

3) Wash your Hustle Wig after 10-15 wears.

Frequency may vary due to climate and preference.

4) Airdry your wig and then style with a hot tool.

This helps prevent frizz and keeps your wig looking fresh between washes.

How to care for your wig: Wig Dont's

When it comes to caring for your wig, here are things not to do.

x Panic if the water is colored the first few washes.

This is normal.

x Store your wig directly in Sunlight.

Excessive sun exposure will cause your wig to oxidize quicker. Even sunlight through a window can have an effect.

x Submerge your wig in chlorinated water.
The chemicals can have a negative effect on the color of your wig.

x Let your wig become tangled.

Detangle it regularly. This will help prevent hair from being pulled out.

x Be afraid to try out new styles and have

fun with your Hustle!

How to Wash


Begin by wetting your Hustle Wig until the entire wig is completely saturated with lukewarm water. Hot water damages the hair.

Gently lather a COLOR SAFE shampoo, focusing on the strands and the inside of the wig cap while avoiding excessive rubbing. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Apply a COLOR SAFE conditioner generously, and brush the hair to ensure the conditioner is fully dispersed throughout. Allow the wig to sit lathered for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Gently squeeze out the excess water and brush the hair once more.


For defined waves, scrunch the hair upward with your hand before placing it on the wig head to dry. Once dry, style the wig using heat tools as desired.

Experiment with different brands of shampoo and conditioner or styling products until you find your favorite look.

By following these simple guidelines, you'll ensure your wig stays stunning and lasts longer, allowing you to enjoy its beauty and style for many occasions to come.