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Embarking on your wig journey?

Let's begin by determining if the versatile and user-friendly hatfall wig is your perfect fit.

A Hat Wig might be right for you if

  • You're new to wigs and want an easy styling experience.

  • Comfort is a priority, as hat wigs provide extended wear without discomfort.

  • Quick, on-the-go application is essential.

  • You're excited about experimenting with various hats, scarfs, and beanies.

  • You have an active lifestyle and need a wig that complements that.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding the perfect fit is crucial, as it guarantees that the wig lays flat and provides optimal comfort on your head.

Keep in mind that personal preferences for snugness can differ, and trying various sizes is key to discovering your ultimate comfort.

How to take your measurements:

Using a soft tape measure, take the two measurements below in centimeters:
1. The first is from your hairline where your hair naturally starts till the nape of your neck where your hairline ends.

2. The second is the circumference, starting from the top center of your forehead, go around your head behind your ear and back up around the other side, creating a full circle.

Additionally, if you plan to wear the wig over your natural hair, please note that this might impact sizing, so be sure to include your hair in your measurements. We have found that medium is the most average.

Color Guide

Identify the ideal color that suits you best. Should you require additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Send over precise color photos of your desired shade, and our skilled hair stylists will guide you toward the closest color match.

23" Dark Roast Light Wave
Dark Roast
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Highlighted Medium Brown
Light Golden Brown

Our Wavy Wigs air dry to reveal a stunning natural wave. With their textured appearance, our wavy hair wigs appear denser than our lightwave wigs, giving you a voluminous and fuller look. Embrace the natural frizz that adds to their allure, creating a seamless and realistic style that enhances your beauty with ease.

Our lightwave Human hair wigs feature a subtle wave that creates a natural look. They appear less dense because of its sleeker texture compared to our wavy wigs. Although they can be worn just air dried, light styling with a hot tool is recommended with our light wave wigs, as it greatly enhances the wigs' appearance.

Please note that due to the use of human-processed hair and dyeing techniques, there may be slight variations in color and texture between our wigs.

(NEW!) It's now time to decide on the ideal length for your look. For those who adore a lightweight, shorter ponytail, the short hair length is perfect – it's also great for rocking a cute bob.

If you're inclined towards a longer, flowing ponytail or hair, the extended length is your go-to.