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23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave

23" Espresso Light wave Hat Wig

Please note that our processing time before shipment is currently 1-2 weeks.
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What is a Hatfall?

Introducing The Hustle Wig Hatfall - the perfect solution for seamless integration with your favorite hats. Its unique design leaves the top without hair, eliminating bulk. Lined with a breathable t-shirt fabric, it provides all day comfort. Compatible with hats, beanies, and scarves, it's your versatile and stylish choice for hassle-free fashion. Embrace the best of both worlds with The Hustle Wig Hatfall.

Color and Texture

 Espresso is a rich, deep coffee brown shade, distinct from our Dark Brown as it lacks black undertones or highlights. It's the perfect choice for individuals with naturally deep brown hair who want a uniform, uninterrupted brown transformation. With Espresso, you'll enjoy a warm, pure brown brown color, free from any black undertones or additional highlights.

Our light wave Human hair wigs feature a subtle wave that creates a natural look. They appear less dense because of its sleeker texture compared to our wavy wigs. Although they can be worn just air dried, light styling with a hot tool is recommended with our light wave wigs, as it greatly enhances the wigs' appearance.

Please note that due to the use of human-processed hair and dyeing techniques, there may be slight variations in color and texture between our wigs.

Additional Info

Slightly Layered: All our wigs come with subtle layers, adding dimension and natural movement to your hair.

Versatile Styling:Our wigs can be worn up in a ponytail or left down for various styling options.

Approximate Density: Our wigs have an approximate density of 180 grams, which may vary slightly between wigs.

Secured Fit: For added comfort, we pre-sew a velvet wig grip into the wig to secure it on your head. Note that some individuals may require an additional grip method depending on their head shape.

Ready to Wear: Each wig comes cut and ready to wear, providing immediate convenience and style.

100% Human Processed Hair: We use high-quality human processed hair in crafting our wigs, ensuring a luxurious and realistic look.

Heat Styling Friendly: Our wigs can be styled with hot tools, giving you the freedom to create your desired look. 

Color and Texture Variations: Please be aware that slight variations in color and texture may occur due to the use of human processed hair and dyeing techniques.

Sizing Guide

If you already have a wig, this is ideal, because it is based on your current wig size. We have found that medium is the most average.
Measurement = Circumference.
Small -(52cm) Good for if you have a particularly small head. Most people know when they are a small.
Medium-(54cm) Average head size, not a ton of bio hair underneath.
Large- (56cm) Average head and more bio hair underneath, or a slightly larger head with not so much hair underneath.
XL- (58cm) again, like the small, most people know when they need an XL.

23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave
23" Espresso Light Wave

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